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About me

I help companies and organizations with communications, social media, content, and overall strategy. I often get creative with copywriting, videos, photography, and podcasts. I love data and the iterative approach – no matter how great something is, it can always be improved at least a bit.


I'm also a book lover / aspiring author, a 90s kid, and an internet culture enthusiast. Below you'll find some of the things I've worked on. 


I'm in New York & Helsinki.


Could we work on something together? 
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You may know me from these things

What I've done

Compensate is an impact startup on a mission to combat climate change by building easy access to carbon capture. I work with Compensate on communications, PR, content strategy, copywriting, and social media. Compensate was awarded for its innovative design in Helsinki Design Awards 2019 as The Promise of the Year. What's better – Compensate actually fights climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Sekasin was a mental health awareness campaign combining social media, current affairs, drama series and a new pilot service. I was in charge of online content, communications, and service design in the core team at Yle. Sekasin won multiple awards, such as Kultainen Venla, Koura, Vuoden mielenterveysteko and Prix Europa. Due to the high demand of the pilot service, the Sekasin chat lives on today.

Tahdon2013, the award-winning citizen's intiative campaign, brought marriage equality to Finland. I was in charge of the campaign’s social media strategy and presence, and planned and executed the communications and marketing strategy together with the campaigns chair and head of media.

What does journalism look like in the age of social media? That's the question I got to solve in the teams of Yle A-studio and Yle Kioski

innovating ways of bringing news and current affairs to online platforms. In a year, we grew Kioski into a recognized media brand with high interaction rate. In A-studio, we leveraged social media to grow its live broadcast audience.

Ompeluseura is a cross-industry career network. I've had the honor to be an admin of the community since 2016. Ompeluseura, with its 30 thousand members, organizes CV-clinics, corporate visits, online courses, and seminars. In 2018, I co-produced the network’s event Upea Ura, was in charge of communications, relationships with key sponsors, and leading the 50+ volunteers. The event saw 50+ speakers and 400 guests.

You can get into even more detail in my LinkedIn here.

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